About Us

We Aren't Just What We Eat!

We are a trifecta of college kids who have come together to investigate the realities of the food we eat every day. College Kid One is a freshman double majoring in nothing to do with food science, who has a passion for food and a tendency to dream up crazy projects. College Kid Two is a sophomore and a very talented artist who puts up with College Kid One’s crap most of the time. College Kid Three is a freshman interested in Ag and is the mediator who keeps the other two behaved during the course of these videos.

Our goal is to uncover the mysteries of food labels. (The big words, the numbers and letters, and what’s really going on through all the advertising.)  We want to better understand what it is we fuel ourselves with while having a little bit of fun along the way. Our main goal is to make any and all of our findings accessible and understandable to everyone!! But of course it’d be pretty worthless to just go through and complain about how horrible some foods are without offering some fun recipes and new experiments for you to try at home. So join us on this adventure. We don’t know where it will lead or where we will end up but it’s going to be a great ride.