Sunday, September 15, 2013

Experiment 1 Rant Video

Hey guys, this is our rant-summary in response to our alternative meal to the Chicken Dunks Lunchables. Excuse our tiredness and poopy video quality.

We used the recipe on this site for the chicken: Chicken Nuggets
On a scale from one to ten, (one being terrible, ten being great) we rated this recipe with an 8. The chicken came out perfectly and the sour cream and onion chips added a great flavor. It didn't pack a punch, and that was okay because it allowed the honey mustard sauce to make it taste better.

And we used this recipe for the Honey Mustard (its at the bottom) Honey Mustard
On a scale from one to ten, we rated the sauce with a 9. It was simple and didn't require a lot of abstract ingredients. it even carried a little kick with it. It wasn't spicy; it was a perfect "zing". However, we did have a little issue with the mayonnaise. It got a little chunky, not too bad though. We ran the sauce through a strainer and managed to get rid of the larger chunks. Although the little chunks may make the sauce seem less appealing, we encourage you to not hesitate to try it. You will be surprised!

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