Friday, September 20, 2013

Experiment 3 Rant

Welcome back everyone to another exciting response. This is to the Cracker Stacker Lunchable, and we made almost the same thing but with some tweaks. We used the turkey and cheese from a Hormel Snack Tray and used Wheat Thins as the cracker and it tasted pretty good! We listed the nutrition facts above in comparison to each of the other meals, and it wasn’t a perfect win. It wasn’t a complete sweep, but we were able to make something slightly healthier. If we had time and I had the money we would experiment with different combinations of meat and cheeses to get that optimum healthfulness, but sadly for you guys I was on a budget this week and had to keep it very simple. But LOOK AROUND!! Experiment with different meats, cheeses, and crackers until you find what works for you. Or if you want something, you know, bigger? Make a sandwich, it’s amazing.
There’s something I will always hold dear about crackers and cheese though, and I say cheese NOT cheese product, guys. That was another thing we looked at when we were making some comparisons, the number of ingredients and how many of them were chemicals. It is really disheartening when the third ingredient in the Lunchables ham is sodium lactate, and it gets less and less understandable and more and more chemically complex from there. I did a rough count and Lunchables turkey had 15 ingredients when the one from our counter recipe had eight. The cheese product had 14 ingredients where our real cheese had eight. The crackers they gave had 20 ingredients and the wheat thins had 12. It was hard to make these counts because you’re never sure if you count all the parenthesis or just the big ingredients but this is my rough count. So yeah, be careful when the ingredients label says “Pasteurized Prepared Swiss (or Cheddar) Cheese Product.” Why isn’t it cheese? Why is it a cheese product? All I know is I’ve never seen so many words that I don’t know on one piece of cardboard, and that worries me about what it is I’m eating. Start reading your labels, guys. It’s SCARY when you start to understand what’s really in some of our commonplace products!!!
Wish everyone a great evening,

College Kid 1

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